8mm Shower Doors and Enclosures

The thickness of the glass in shower enclosures is not always the same and does make a difference to the feel and practical use of your shower. Shower glass thickness is measured in millimetres, decades ago it was common to see shower glass thickness of around 3mm and 4mm, since then the thickness has steadily increased until now 8mm is the favoured choice for many. But what difference does the thickness of shower glass actually make for the consumer?

Generally speaking, thicker glass doors have a more appealing weighted feel to them. Due to their thickness and design they have a more substantial and solid feel which fills the shower user with more confidence when opening and closing the shower door. The greater weight of the shower glass means that naturally the shower requires stronger, heavier duty mechanisms to move the door, which again contributes to a general sense of robustness. 

This difference in feeling is even more exposed in certain types of shower enclosures. For example, sliding doors may often have a degree of wobble when using 4mm glass, giving the feel of a cheaper, less impressive enclosure. 8mm thick glass on the other hand is far more reliable and secure. Thicker glass also greatly benefits the frameless and semi-frameless shower designs which are becoming increasingly popular. Many prefer the sleek, minimalistic look of a frameless shower door but with the metal framework of the shower door removed the feeling of rigidity can again be reduced if the shower door thickness is too thin. Once again, a thickness of 8mm is required to give the fullest feeling a of a strong and robust shower door that the user can trust.

Here at Midland Bathroom Distributors we have responded to the growth in interest from both the industry and consumers for 8mm thick glass and have ensured that we stock a wide range of shower doors such as two door quadrant, two door offset quadrant, corner entry, bi-fold door, hinged door, sliding door, double sliding doors, semi frameless and more. We try to cater for all manner of bathroom requirements so we are confident you will find the bathroom product that you require. If you can’t, please do contact us at 0121 603 8232, we would be delighted to help you find what you are looking for. 

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