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The bath has become the star of the bath room, its name elicits visions of relaxation and indulgence and we know too well that if it has a bath, property will sell. On the other hand, we try not to mention the humble toilet seat, despite it probaby being the piece of bathroom furniture which gets used the most. And if we are using the toilet more than we are the bath, then shouldn't we be allowing ourselves some degree of comfort whilst we do so? At Midland Bathroom Distributors we believe that every aspect of your bathroom should lend itself to luxury, comfort, and total peace of mind. That's why even our range of toilet seats are of the highest quality, made from a variety of robust and durable materials and available in a selection of colours to suit any bathroom design and all toilet dimensions.

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There are options for everyone; whether you want a toilet seat that isn't too cold to sit on or a more hygienic seat that closes by itself, there will be something to suit you in our bathroom centre. But you don't have to make the journey as our stock is listed online. Click the links above to find the finishing touch to your bathroom.


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