Choosing a Whirlpool or Spa Bath option from Kimbledale Whirlpools

Whirlpool baths were for a long time considered a luxury item, for the affluent, people with lots of space and large bathrooms. Nowadays the range of whirlpools is very much expanded, with spa baths now being added to the available choice. Numerous options and variations are available, and a whirlpool or whirlpool effect is now available to anyone, no matter what the size of the room, or budget. Any standard bath can now be fitted with a separate whirlpool or spa system, and so baths a small as 1200mm x 700mm can benefit from a whirlpool/spa system. These systems are best fitted to a bath at time of purchase as it is not practical to have these separate systems fitted to an existing bath because the bath would need to be removed, which can cause damage, if not to the bath then perhaps the tiling.

Kimbledale introduce the opportunity to have exhilarating whirlpool, air spa jets or a combination of both fitted in the bath of your choice. Each system is carefully designed and factory fitted to give optimum performance, reliability and importantly, easy and hygienic draining when the bath is emptied. A range of jet, nozzle and control options lets you choose the type of hydromassage to suit you. Whirlpool systems work by drawing water from the bath then pumping it back via a series of venturi jets, where it is mixed with air to give streams of aerated water. By varying the amount of air drawn into the jets, either via the air control or by altering the speed of the pump with the electronic control, the required jet pressure can be achieved. A pneumatic button or a low voltage electronic touch pad starts and stops the system.

Standard Controls

The standard controls for both the whirlpool and spa systems are based on simple, safe and reliable pneumatic operation. The whirlpools have an on/off button and an air control, the spas have a passive air trap to prevent water siphoning back to the fan unit and a button to switch the system on and off (single speed) and to also index the fan unit speed (3 speed option). Prices from £230.00 (inc VAT)

Multipoint Jets

Twelve or sixteen jets usually spaced all around the bath, including the head and foot ends. These smaller jets can be positioned to your requirements, depending on the style of the bath you choose. Prices from £300.00 (inc VAT)

Air Spa System

A series of low profile nozzles are positioned to cover the base of your bath, leaving a space in the normal seating area. The Air Spa’s powerful fan unit delivers pressurised air to create turbulence that can be controlled by either a pneumatic button or a low voltage electronic touch pad. Prices from £275.00 (inc VAT)

Hydromassage Combination

The best of both worlds. Whirlpool and air spa in the same bath, using either pneumatic or electronic controls. Designed and developed in Britain, both whirlpool and air spa systems can be fitted to virtually any bath. This page illustrates some of the basic systems that are available, but all our systems can be tailor-made to your requirements. You can enhance the relaxing effect of your system with low voltage halogen lights set into the bath wall below water level. Switching can be made by ceiling mounted pull switch (not supplied), pneumatic switch or via the electronic touch pad. (Lights are standard on electronic systems). Prices from £550.00 (inc VAT)

We also recommend the use of Aqua Samba, a low foaming bath oil. Whilst ordinary bath oils can be used sparingly, the agitation effect of a whirlpool or spa system can produce vast amounts of bubbles in seconds.

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