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When renovating a bathroom, having put a great deal of time and thought into the style of the sinks, baths, tiling, colour schemes and general cosiness and functionality of this most important of rooms, is it any wonder that the last thing we tend to think about are the humble toilet seats? Slow close toilet seats are a revolutionary alternative to traditional toilet seats, utilising a special hinge system that allows the seat, once tapped gently, to descend slowly and gracefully, eliminating noise and adding a touch of elegance to a bathroom. So why not give your bathroom that extra ‘cherry-on-the-top’ and invest in the next step in the technological timeline of toilet seats. Slow close toilet seats are not just extravagant extras, however, and have a multitude of useful features that will have you swearing never to go back to the loud, clumsy toilet seats of the past.

Toilet Seats Slow Close - The Benefits

They’re quiet: We’ve all experienced a late night visit to the bathroom, tiptoeing down the corridor so as not to wake our sleeping family members, only to have the silence broken by the clatter of the toilet seat. Slow close seats are quiet, meaning that all the members of your household can be assured a good night’s sleep.

They’re more hygienic: If you’re a conscientious toilet user, you’ll know that carefully closing the lid can result in your fingers coming into contact with the bacteria-ridden bowl. Soft close toilet seats only need the gentlest of taps, before gravity takes over and allows the seat to descend, eliminating the need touch anything more than the lid of the toilet seat.


 Toilet Seats Slow Close by Roper Rhodes

They’re safer: Believe it or not, 11,000 injuries a year are caused by toilet seats. Slow close toilet seats have a specially-designed mechanism which means that there’s no risk of small children getting their fingers caught if a seat is accidently dropped down.

Soft Close Toilet Seats can help avoid injuries

They don’t damage the toilet: If you’ve invested in a brand-new toilet for your bathroom, it pays to give some thought to your choice of toilet seats. Slow close seats greatly reduce the risk of damage to the toilet bowl – and once a bowl is damaged, it usually can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced.

They’re easy to install: Like traditional toilet seats, soft close seats only need a flat-head screwdriver and up to 15 minutes installation time. You won’t need to call in an expensive handyman before enjoying your new slow close toilet seat.

And perhaps most importantly, they’re AFFORDABLE!: toilet seats, slow close seats included, are not at all expensive and, given the long-term benefits that come with a soft close seat, are a shrewd addition to any bathroom.


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