Handy Hints for Small Bathrooms

Tricks of the trade

If your bathroom has a low ceiling, there are several tricks you can try to give it the appearance of height. One of these tricks is to paint the ceiling white, with lots of bright lighting. Fittings and furniture should be fitted lower to enhance the amount of space between them and the ceiling, adding extra inches (or so it seems) to your walls.

Small Toilets

When space is sparse, it is vital to make the best of what you have, without scrimping on style or taste. Here at MBD Bathrooms we have a great range of small toilets. Space saving toilets can be a great and largely unnoticeable way to cut down on space wastage, giving your bathroom a more spacious feel. Both Zeto and Tribune provide neat and compact short projection toilets and corner cisterns, which means that with the right planning and the right products, a small bathroom can be just as practical and pleasing to the eye as a large one.

Small Bathroom Basins

What better to complement your small, neat and compact toilet, than a small, neat and compact bathroom sink? Small bathroom sinks are more usable than you may think. Although you will barely notice your basin is much smaller than a standard size sink, you will free up large amounts of valuable space in your bathroom, making it look larger and more appealing. The Pisa 500 basin by Impulse is an example of a suitable sink for a small bathroom, as is the Novad cloakroom wall basin and the stylish Avon semi-recessed basin.

Make the most of your windows

Small bathrooms need as much light as possible, and so make the most of your small bathroom’s light and keep window blinds to a minimum. Most bathroom designs use frosted glass so try to go without a bathroom blind to keep the window space clear and airy, giving the natural light more space to enter the room, and cutting down on space-guzzling clutter.

Cut back on bathroom accessories

Items such as toothbrush holders, soap holders and countless bottles of shower gels and shampoos all steal valuable space and make a bathroom with smaller dimensions seem crowded and cluttered. Instead, invest in a wall-mounted cabinet and keep all loose items tucked away out of sight to keep the bathroom looking bright, clear and minimalistic.

Consider your bathroom lighting

If your bathroom window is small, you need to try and get as much extra light in the room as possible. Try removing the central light fitting and replace them with small but frequent halogen spot lights. These mimic natural light and will instantly add the illusion of space to your bathroom, banishing dark corners and excessive shadows.

Be sparing with your bath mats

When you have a small bathroom it is surprising how much impact minor details can have on your perception of size and space. Try to keep the floor space as clear as possible, even when it comes to bath mats and rugs. Of course, keep your pedestal mat there at all times, but you only really need to lay out your bath mat when you are having a bath or a shower. At all other times, keep it folded neatly away in a cupboard or cabinet, this way, your limited floor space will be maximised. Here at MBD Bathrooms we stock a great range of stunning and practical bathroom cabinets to help you maximise the space in a small bathroom. Take a look and see for yourself!

Consider combining

Save even more of your bathroom space by combining your basin with your bathroom furniture. By mounting your basin on top of a sleek compact cabinet or cupboard means that only one area is being taken up by two usually bulky bathroom features. Envy does a good range of these cabinets, as do Soho, Contact, Luxe, Karma and Roper Rhodes. At MBD Bathrooms we have a fantastic selection of space-saving bathroom furniture from these manufacturers and more – take a look and see for yourself!

Make use of your larger rooms

It is important to be strict when you have a small bathroom. Only use it for the necessary bathroom functions. Keep your bedroom for activities such as dressing as this will ensure that you don’t clutter up your bathroom with clothes and make-up, keeping it clear so that its sense of space is enhanced as much as possible.


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