Baths - Acrylic, Steel or Cast Iron ?


Baths can be made from acrylic, steel or cast iron.

Acrylic baths

Are easily the most popular and have been for many years. Advantages being that they are warm to the touch, lightweight, smooth, easy to clean and can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Acrylic baths are supported by steel cradles or bars that run along the bottom of the bath, with adjustable feet, that aid installation. Acrylic baths need to be treated with care as hard knocks can split the acrylic, and cigarette burns can damage the surface. Acrylic baths offer a huge choice for the modern bathroom. Baths manufactured Trojan are available with a special reinforcement (Trojancast) that can increase the rigidity and strength of acrylic. For more info on Trojancast click here.

Steel baths

Are hard wearing and strong, and show no flexibility, and are common in hotels and hospitals. They do not offer the flexibility or range of styles that acrylic offers. Steel baths are lightweight, but due to the nature of metal they feel more robust and traditional, due to their enamel finished surface. Steel baths still need to be treated with care as the enamel can be easily chipped or damaged and this can be difficult to repair.

Cast iron baths

Once very common, are sometime thought of as the best in luxury. The weight and solid feel and durability are the best features. The disadvantages are the substantial weight that can affect installation and load bearing on floors. They are also expensive, offer little choice, and are not easy to obtain.

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