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For a room that we use so frequently, bathrooms are often unusually small compared to the rest of the house. They’re often not in the best position to catch a lot of sunlight, and as a result it can often feel dark and cramped in a bathroom. Mirrors are great for enhancing the feeling of roominess in a tight space, and also have the benefit of bouncing light around the room, making the most of whatever sunlight seeps through into a bathroom. Mirrors that have been carefully placed to maximise this effect can effectively turn a dim, depressing bathroom into a noticeably brighter, more beautiful and above all better place to be.

Of course, bathroom mirrors are not only for enhancing the beauty of the room they’re in. Their primary purpose is the beautification of the person using it, making bathroom mirrors essential for any bathroom – big or small.

We offer a massive selection of bathroom mirrors to help you complete the bathroom you desire. Bathroom mirrors with lights? We’ve got them. Bathroom mirrors with built in storage? No problem. We even offer bathroom mirrors with integrated FM stereo radios – HIB’s Radiostar range; perfect if you like to while away hours relaxing in the bathroom.

Of course, we also supply non-illuminated bathroom mirrors to round off any bathroom interior design scheme; from simple, sophisticated designs to eye-catching bathroom mirors with bevelled or screen-printed designs. So whether you want a mirror for the bathroom that is elegantly functional or a striking bathroom centrepiece, we can provide a bathroom mirror that will be a true reflection of your personality.

Need any help choosing bathroom mirrors? Call us up and we’ll do our best to help you.

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