Bathroom Mirrors


Every bathroom needs a mirror, firstly so you can see what you’re doing when you’re ensconced in the smallest room and secondly to check out your look when you’ve finished there.

Bathroom mirrors are perfect for creating a feeling of additional space in any area, whatever its size, and always add natural brightness to their surroundings during the day. At night, bathroom mirrors reflect your bathroom lighting, so they can help create an atmospheric setting for your wind-down after work (candles are essential), or a party vibe while you scrub up before heading out for the night (overhead disco ball optional).

Space-saving bathroom mirrors are ideal for bathrooms where every square inch is at a premium, and bathroom mirror cabinets are designed with in-built storage areas that help keep your personal hygiene zone clutter-free, giving you a clear view of your reflection in your bathroom mirror.

Freestanding full-length bathroom mirrors lend extra dimensions and luminosity to larger spaces, while allowing you to inspect yourself from head to toe and make sure you look tip-top after your personal grooming session.

MBD’s bathroom mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and styles: straight edges, bevelled ledges, clean lines, flamboyant designs, shaving mirrors, space-saving mirrors, wall-mounted – all discounted.

If you can’t find the bathroom mirror you really want to see your face in, first thing in the morning or last thing at night, we’ll be happy to spend time helping you look for it. 

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