Bathroom Safety - Stay Safe in the Bathroom

 A hazardous environment of slippery floors and hard surfaces highlights the importance of a safe and tidy bathroom environment. We at Midlands Bathroom Distributors have provided some simple ideas that could prevent accidents from occurring.


Safety in the Shower

  • To prevent tiredness and also reduce a risk of falling, we at Midland Bathroom Distributors suggest installing shower chairs or stools. For further support while transferring, the inclusion of armrests and height adjustable legs can be a perfect addition in most cases.
  • For a permanent solution, shower benches can be fixed to the wall and folded away when not in use. This is ideal for those of you who are space conscious.
  • Another way of a safe transfer in and out of the shower would be the introduction of grab rails. A whole host of slip resistant rails are available, but it is imperative these rails are placed in a convenient position and securely fastened to the wall.
  • Making sure all loose corners are secure to prevent tripping, slip-resistant flooring such as mats or tiles are an excellent way of avoiding a mishap.
  • For both sitting and standing users, a hand held showerhead can be used to direct water to the desired area. Permanent fittings are available, these fittings would replace your existing showerhead. Temporary fittings are also available, push on cups and rubber fittings fixed with metal bands are great examples of these.
  • Because not all gravity fed hot water systems are compatible with all handheld showers, it is of the utmost importance to check the compatibility because situations like toilet flushing could cause severe changes in water temperature.
  • Bearing in mind the importance of the fact water should not be sprayed in the direction of any power outlets, the shower hose should be long enough to use while in a seated position, the size, weight and grip of your showerhead should also be taken in consideration.
  • The inclusion of a shower platform is another thing we recommend here at Midland Bathroom Distributors. A platform would make away with a large step into the shower and it would also mean you could use a shower curtain as opposed to as screen.
  • You can put an end to unnecessary bending by investing in a long handled bath sponge, toe washer and even a wash mitten.  

Safety In the Bath

  • The number of falls in the bathroom are increased of the shower over the bath combination many homes have. The deployment of a bath board over the bath not only makes it possible for the user to use the shower while seated but also comes in useful when getting in and out of the bath.
  • A height-adjustable bath bench can be a superb substitute should a bath board not fit.
  • It can be made easier to get in and out of the bath with the introduction of an electric bath hoist. Hoists with reclining backrest are both popular and available.
  • Clamp on hand rails can be anchored to the side of the bath in cases where it is not possible to have fixed ones.
  • To put an end to slipping in the bath, here at Midland Bathroom Distributors we recommend slip-resistant mats. Both adhesive strips and liquid applications could also be applied.


The Dangers of Scalding

To prevent water running too hot or too cold, thermostatic mixers have a built-in stabiliser. The control panel on computerised models allow the control of flow rates and water temperature

Thermostatic mixers make it possible to not only control an individual outlet but your entire home, whether this is the controlling water flow or water temperature.

Making changes to the maximum temperature of your hot water system at the thermostat would be possible, if you were concerned at the possibility of being scalded.

To deter scalding even further, the modification of your water pipes to include anti-scald devices would be perfect. What these devices do, is they automatically reduce water flow when the water gets to a certain temperature.



Weak grasp, painful hands, difficult to grip tap design and taps turned on too tightly are all reasons turning taps on and off can be an arduous task. There are some simple solutions that can alleviate these issues, which include:

  •  A decreased amount of hand twisting required, this can be solved with quarter turn taps. These allow taps to turn on and off within 90 degrees.
  •  A reduction of the pressure placed on small joints in the hand can be achieved with the easy to manage lever style handle tap. Both standard and quarter turn varieties are available.
  • Another available option is a ‘tap turner’, they fit over your existing fixtures and create a lever tap. Before you look into this option it is important to know which type of tap you currently have. Tap turners are versatile pieces of equipment and can be adjusted to fit a number of types of head although in some cases some slip resistant material may just do the job.
  • It is not always practical to replace or install new taps, it is always a good idea to first consider adapting your existing taps. Less force can be required to turn your taps on and off by replacing the rubber washers with an ’o’ ring or hydro-seal.
  • Foot controlled taps and infra-red/electronic sensor taps which are sensitive to movement are superior alternatives if you are prepared to pay a premium.
  • The design of your tap should always be taken into account when designing your bathroom. Knowing the attributes of the intended user of the taps may save you money in the long run by the fact they are less likely to be replaced later on.

The Toilet

  • Sitting and rising from the toilet seat can be made a lot easier by having a toilet seat raiser fitted. Toilet seat raisers are fitted to the top of your toilet bowl.
  • The more expensive toilet seat raisers are the ones that are permanently fixed, although they are the most stable option.
  • Another accessory that can aid in the rising and seating on the toilet is a height-adjustable frame. These frames are available both with and without a toilet seat, commode pan or splash guard.
  • To help people sit and rise from the toilet, grab rails can be attached to the wall near the toilet. These can either be fixed or swing away.


 Bathroom Flooring 

  • Slip-resistant tiles can make flooring safer, this should be taken into account when you are designing a bathroom. Adhesive strips and slip-resistant mats can also be used to make the bathroom floor safer.
  • Considering how to clean and maintain your flooring should be taken into account when installing slip resistant flooring. Knowing how durable your flooring is as well as how to apply it is just as important.


Other ideas

Other little ideas we have that can make your bathroom safer include:

  • Extra support can be gained by swapping your towel rails for fixed grab rails.
  • While drying and dressing after a shower, use a height adjustable chair or stool for extra support.
  • Accidental poisoning can be eradicated with the fitting of child proof locks.
  • Head injuries can be prevented with inflatable plastic covers over taps.
  • Installing scald warning devices can save you an unwanted trip to Accident and Emergency.

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