Spare Parts for Ellbee Shower Enclosures

After hearing recently that Ellbee Showers, a well-respected manufacturer of shower enclosures and bathroom products, had stopped making shower enclosures, we here at MBD Bathrooms were keen to ensure that we were adequately stocked with showers and spare parts for this popular brand. Knowing the popularity of the brand and the widespread use of these showers we are determined to continue to offer support and solutions to Ellbee customers. For this reason, we have made available stock of Ellbee showers spare parts that includes components for ranges such as the Profile range, the Profile Plus range, the Profile Plus PS range, the Lifestyle range, and the Concept.

Ellbee Showers, formerly one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bathrooms, had a reputation for high quality and innovation that was demonstrated in all its products which are notably sleek, stylish and robust. This same commitment to high quality, stylish and long lasting products is found in every component of an Ellbee shower with each part coming from the rigorous and exemplary manufacturing process at the company. As a result, each part is made from high quality, reliable materials. 

If you own an Ellbee Shower and require spare parts for any of their showers, be it a Profile Plus, Lifestyle,  Concept or any of the other ranges, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Birmingham based warehouse, the largest in the Midlands, carries an extensive supply of Ellbee parts, so please do contact us if you cannot find what you need. If you need assistance or have inquiries regarding any spare parts please get in touch at 0121 603 8232, we will be more than happy to help you find the ideal solution for your bathroom. 

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