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Food waste disposal units were invented in Wisconsin, USA by John W. Hammes who first put his In Sink Erator sink waste disposal device on the market in 1938. It gradually grew in popularity, and remains extremely popular in the US today - with around fifty percent of American homes having a waste disposal unit installed. By 2001 the In SinkErator company was producing 75% of food waste disposers worldwide. 

Whilst adoption in the UK has been slow in the past, we are currently seeing a significant rise in demand for food waste disposal devices such as the famous In Sink Erator sink units.

Here are just a few examples of the In Sink Erator sink waste disposal units that are currently on the market.

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Why install a waste disposal device such as the In Sink Erator sink unit?

The Environmental Factor:

For many years, advertising of food waste disposal units focused on convenience and luxury:

“The one gift that quietly ends garbage ‘drudgery’ ... In SinkErator Saturn flushes waste food down the drain... quickly, quietly.”

It stands true that there are numerous time-saving benefits that come with waste disposal units such as InSinkErators, as they allow food waste to simply be washed down the plughole where they are disintegrated into tiny 2mm pieces and carried away by your sewage system. And with no more food waste rotting away in your rubbish bin, they can also help to keep your kitchen hygienic.

Increasingly, however, people are adopting food waste disposal devices such as In Sink Erator sink units because of their environmental benefits, of which there are many, such as:

  • Stops food going to landfill and producing potent greenhouse gases.
  • Decreases the amount of waste your house leaves for collection.
  • Food waste can be processed into fertilizer at sewage treatment plants.
  • Food waste can produce energy in the form of collected biogas.
  • Low energy consumption – Most waste disposal devices such as In Sink Erator sink units typically use the same amount of electricity as an electric iron.

Rangemaster Waste Disposal units from MBD Bathrooms:

Thinking about cutting down your environmental impact whilst saving yourself the labour of the rubbish bag routine? Then it might be time to join the ever-expanding club of satisfied waste disposal owners in the UK.

MBD Bathrooms are pleased to be able to supply to you a range of waste disposal units from Rangemaster. With Rangemaster’s impeccable reputation for quality and the incredible value-for-money you can expect from MBD Bathrooms, there’s no better time or place to make your waste disposal unit investment. 

Pictured here is the heavy duty WDU800 waste disposal unit, which comes with a four year Rangemaster warranty and a one year guarantee.

WDU Series waste disposal units from Rangemaster

  • High efficiency permanent magnetic motor - this is more powerful than a standard induction motor but requires less electricity
  • Handles all types of food waste
  • Easy to install, no special tools are required
  • Thermal overload protectors and anti-jam swivel impellers ensure years of use
  • Comes with a three year warranty as standard (the WDU800 model comes with a four year warranty)

Pictured here is the WDU700 model.

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