Shower Screens for Bath Use

The bathroom can add to the value of your property as well as provide a space for relaxation and reinvigoration. A well fitted shower enclosure is increasingly becoming an attractive proposition for potential buyers, but most people still look more favourably on a bath tub. Not all bathrooms will be big enough to accommodate a shower enclosure and a bath tub, so the next best thing is to install a shower over the bath. The best and most elegant way to protect your bathroom from any spray or run off coming from a shower over bath set up is to install a shower screen for bath use. Shower screens provide a neater and more stylish alternative to a shower curtain and are far easier to keep clean.

Shower screens for baths from MBD Bathrooms are unobtrusive and graceful in their design, and many have the option to fold away when you are in the bath keeping a long, relaxing soak in the bath separate from quickly jumping in and out of the shower.

For every conceivable shower screen for bath scenario, MBD  Bathrooms have a solution that is both affordable and chic, giving your bathroom a touch of class without denting your bank balance. With ranges from all of the top brand names in the business, from market leaders Lakes Bathrooms and Aqualux to emerging companies such as the fashionable Manhattan and Aquadart ranges, there will always be plenty of choice for a contemporary or classic shower screen for any bath.

Shower Panels for bath Use 

Lakes Bathrooms Bath Screens


Lakes Bathrooms have been manufacturing and supplying to trade for more than 20 years and are trusted and recommended by professional stockists and installers alike. With Lakes Bathrooms' commitment to using only the best materials and their pledge to replace any faulty parts, free of charge, for life, you can purchase a Lakes Bathrooms' bath screen with confidence.

Lakes bath screens can be curved, rectangular, sculpted or even arced for baths with a more rounded shape, and often offer a choice of framed or unframed designs. For the ultimate solution Lakes Bathrooms even provide a double sliding door meaning you can turn your entire bath into a large walk in shower enclosure.

All Lakes Bathrooms shower screens for baths come with Lakes' AllClear glass coating as standard. The AllClear coating helps to dramatically reduce the build up of lime scale and soap scum on your bath screen meaning that you can spend more time cleaning yourself and less time cleaning the shower. You can find out more about the Lakes bathrooms and the AllClear glass coating here.

View our expansive range of Lakes Bathrooms shower screens today by following this link.


 A Lakes bathrooms Bath Panel for an Arced Bath

Aqualux Bath Screens

Aqualux Bath Screens echo the elegence of their stunning shower enclosure range. With many shapes and styles available, and a choice of fully frameless or framed screens in stock, as well as options for towel rails fitted to some styles, there is almost too much choice from the Aqualux range! If the range of choice becomes too overwhelming then contact us and one of our dedicated members of staff will try and help you match your needs with a style that suits you.

When you purchase an Aqualux shower enclosure, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Aqualux is accredited to ISO9001 – 2000 and ISO14001 – 2004 European quality and environmental standards. Aqualux bath screens are made from 8mm toughened safety glass at the high end of the collection and goes right through to the even more affordable but equally functional 3mm toughened safety glass.


 An Oval Bath Screen from Aqualux
 A Coram Sail Shaped Bath Screen

Coram Bath Screens

Coram like to think that their bath screens are the best designed bathscreens that money can buy. We have to admit that they are certainly very stylish and, as you would expect from MBD Bathrooms, available at a very competitive price. Designed with bold, confident lines, Coram showers make a very modern statement in your bathroom.

Coram bath screens feature a unique leveling system which makes them faster and easier to adjust than any other bathscreens. A single screw is all it takes for you to adjust your Coram bath screen and ensure that it fits perfectly in line with the rim of your bath.

Their watertight seals also feature a deflector on the inside edge to make sure that any water from above the rim will drip directly into the bath tub and not collect on the rim. The seals are also push-on meaning that it can be easily removed for cleaning.

An Aquadart Square Shower Screen for Bath Use 

Aquadart Bath Screens

As one of the market leaders of stylish and contemporary bathroom innovation, Aquadart pride themselves on their careful selection of materials and their strikingly simple designs which effortlessly balance style and functionality. Aquadart are so proud of the standards that their products are made to, they offer a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee on all enclosures and trays.

Aquadart's bath screens are made from 8mm toughened safety glass and come coated with Aquadart's trademark Clean & Clear glass protection system as standard. Clean & Clear helps protect glass against limescale and scum allowing you more time in the shower and less time cleaning it.

 A stylish example of a Twyford Bathrooms Bath Screen

Twyford Bath Screens

We are delighted to be able to carry the full range of Twyford bath screens, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind. There are two ranges of Twyford bath screens, the Geo6 and the Hydr8, which mirror the style and beauty of their shower enclosure namesakes.

The Twyford Geo6 bath screens are constructed from 6mm toughened safety glass for added safety and reassurance, as well as a striking polished silver finish, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

The Twyford Hydr8 bath screens are manufactured with 8mm glass for added strength as well as a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee and a choice of black or clear seals to make it simple for you to tie it in with your bathroom style.

Ellbee Bath Screens

As one of the largest suppliers of shower enclosures, it is only natural that Ellbee also supply a wide range of stylish bath screens designed to boost the usability of your shower over bath experience. For added practicality, all Ellbee shower screens for baths are available with a fitted stainless steel towel rail.

Ellbee source the finest materials with which to construct their bath panels and are so confident in their products that they offer a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee with every purchase.
An Ellbee Bath Screen with Towel Rail 
Manhattan Bath Screens

With a name like Manhattan it is not surprising that they are a manufacturer of bath shower screens which are so contemporary and sleek that you might be forgiven for thinking you have relocated your bathroom to the Big Apple.

There are a wide range of styles to choose from including multi panel folding screens and sail screens that wouldn't look amiss on a yacht, so dive on in and have a look at the exciting Manhattan range of bath panels: give yourself that holiday feeling today!
 An example of a Manhattan Shower Screen for Baths


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