Trojancast by Trojan Plastics

For those looking for the absolute pinnacle of quality in acrylic baths, look no further than Trojancast – Trojan Plastics’ innovative reinforcement process (in a separate purpose built factory) that gives an unmatched level of durability and insulation from a world-renowned bath manufacturer.

Trojan Plastics have been manufacturing acrylic baths since 1975, and over the years have demonstrated the highest levels of expertise in their field and a commitment to quality that has made them one of the leading bath manufacturers in the world today.

A typical cross section taken from an actual Trojancast bath

Manufactured entirely in the UK, Trojan baths are produced from sanitary-grade cast acrylic sheet which has been tested and passed by an independent company to EN263 / BS7015 standards. The baths themselves are manufactured to exceed the British and European Standard (BS4305 / EN198) so you can be sure you’ll be getting a top-quality bath that will give you many years of bathing pleasure.


  • A hard wearing, flexible material that can be moulded into many shapes.
  • Warm to the touch and insulating – unlike metal baths, acrylic will actually help keep your bathwater warm for longer.
  • Naturally glossy – does not lose its ‘brand-new-bath’ look over time.
  • Easy to Clean – Totally smooth and nick-free, acrylic baths wipe clean and do not harbour dirt or encourage bacteria growth.
  • A solution to sealing problems – Trojancast baths are completely rigid, reducing the chance of them coming away from the wall.
  • Strength similar to a cast-iron bath – For that extra sense of security, Trojancast baths are coated in a distinctive green resin ‘flow coat’ jacket. This ensures that Trojancast baths are similar in strength to a traditional cast iron bath, but with all the benefits of acrylic.
  • Unbeatable insulating properties – In addition to acrylic’s natural insulating properties, the extra thickness that Trojancast provides means that bathwater will stay at your perfect temperature for even longer.
  • Guaranteed – As with all of Trojan’s acrylic products, Trojancast baths come with a 25-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Acrylic baths have a number of great advantages over traditional cast-iron baths – they’re lighter, they’re warmer, they’re mildew-resistant and easier to clean, and they’ll retain their shiny finish indefinitely.  All of Trojan Plastics’ acrylic baths come with a intensive glass fibre polyester resin reinforcement for improved durability, but for customers who’ll only settle for the toughest baths around, Trojancast is the option.


Trojancast Bath from MBD Bathrooms

Trojancast is a manufacturing process by which a thick resin outer-layer is applied to a finished acrylic bath that provides it with an extra level of rigidity and strength. This means that a bath that has been Trojancast will have the associated strength of a cast-iron bath but with all the benefits that come with acrylic. The extra insulation provided by the Trojancast material also means that your bathwater will be kept warmer for longer.


The Process
Trojancast Bath - Diagram

As you can see in the above diagram, when a bath goes through the Trojancast process, the original 5mm acrylic bath is repeatedly sprayed all over with the distinctive green Trojancast material; this significantly increases the thickness and sturdiness of the bath as a whole. The chipboard base is also incorporated into the Trojancast material, ensuring that the entire bath is sturdy and consolidated.

Trojancast is a completely separate process in the manufacturing of a bath, and is performed in a purpose-built, specialist factory. There are three of these factories in Trojan Plastics’ 40 acre site in Huddersfield, each dedicated to a separate stage in the manufacturing process. By keeping these factories separate, Trojan Plastics ensure that each and every product they manufacture reaches the highest standards without compromises. At every stage in the manufacturing process, the bath is rigorously checked for quality, and the results stamped on a label that remains with the bath when it reaches the customer.

With Trojancast, you get the reassurance of a top-quality bath at MBD Bathrooms’ extremely competitive prices. All of our baths manufactured by Trojan are available made-to-order with this exceptional, long-lasting option.


The Trojancast option is available on nearly all Trojan baths. To order simply choose the "Trojancast required" option when ordering a Trojan bath.

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