Bathroom Cladding - Shower Paneling - PVCU Cladding, its all the same product.

Bathroom cladding is a great plastic alternative to tiles, as wall cladding panels are incredibly easy to install and clean, but are just as attractive, durable and waterproof as conventional tiles. Our stunning range of bathroom wall panels is available in an impressively extensive selection of colours and designs, meaning there is bound to be a style of bathroom cladding that will complement your bathroom perfectly.

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Browse our selection of bathroom PVC wall cladding and treat your bathroom to something a little different. If you require any further information about bathroom cladding, or if you need help choosing your wall cladding panels, feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best to help you.




The individual size of each separate Bathroom Wall Panel is 2400mm by 250mm width.

Decorative shower paneling is fast becoming a popular alternative to tiling when it comes to bathroom walls and ceilings. Shower paneling also known as PVCu cladding is a more hygienic option than conventional tiles as it is non-porous and mould-free. It is easy to clean with nothing more than warm, soapy water required to get it looking as good as new.

Bathroom wall panels are available in a wide range of colours and designs, which means there is a bathroom wall cladding option suitable for any bathroom, regardless of size, style or colour. Plus, with bathroom cladding, there is no need for grouting and installation is less time-consuming and messy than tiles, costing you less time and money than conventional bathroom tiles in the long run.

When tiling a bathroom, the walls need to be extensively prepared beforehand to ensure that no problems arise in the future. With PVC cladding, little or no preparation is needed, as the wall cladding panels can be easily fitted on top of most surfaces – existing tiles (providing they are secure), brick work – without any worries about future problems arising from underneath the cladding. This is just one of the reasons why bathroom cladding and shower paneling is becoming more popular than tiling.

As well as being durable, functional and of course, attractive, PVC wall cladding is also handily versatile. Suitable for both walls and ceilings, PVCu cladding can be used in any room, although due to its specially designed watertight qualities, it is especially perfect for wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

PVCu cladding panels can be used anywhere in the room. They are great as shower wall panels, providing a completely waterproof backdrop for your daily shower – combining practicality with the great aesthetics that come with the high quality finish of the wall cladding panels and the wide range of colours and designs that they are available in.

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