Bathroom Cladding - Shower Paneling

Bathroom Cladding, and Shower Paneling also known as PVCu Cladding, is a range of pvc-based decorative wall panels. Bathroom Cladding Panels are very easy to fit, waterproof, and clean and hygienic, they produce almost seamless sheets of easy-to-manage walling. Bathroom Cladding and Shower Paneling can be used to make the area within a shower enclosure watertight instead of using tiles. It is also an effective way of covering the whole bathroom, these unique panels can also be used equally well in place of a bath panel. With different colours to choose from and edging, corner, ceiling and end profiles to suit different situations, it is easy to see why Bathroom Cladding and Shower Paneling is fast becoming a popular alternative to tiles in the bathroom.

Waterproof Floors

Waterproof Floors

Luxury Waterproof Bathroom Flooring

Shower Panelling Complete Packages

Shower Panelling Packages

Ready to go Shower Panelling Packs

Shower Panelling Single Packs 5mm

Shower Panelling Single Packs 5mm

5mm Thick bathroom wall cladding

Shower Panelling Single Packs 10mm

Shower Panelling Single Packs 10mm

10mm Thick bathroom wall cladding

Why choose Bathroom Cladding and Shower Paneling for the bathroom?

  • Easy to install
  • No grouting required.
  • Waterproof
  • Hygienic wipe clean surface
  • Non-porous and mould free
  • Huge choice of colours
  • The mess and hassle associated with tiling is avoided
  • Ideal for any room.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Excellent insulation and sound proofing
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Suitable for both walls and ceilings
  • Full range of accessories
  • No tiling or grouting to discolour or leak
  • Can be fixed over existing tiles, or uneven walls.
  • Wall panels are warm to the touch (unlike tiles) which helps reduce condensation.
  • PVCu Cladding Panels are available in a range of colours

How does it work?

Made from high quality UPVC, these panels use a simple tongue and groove system to create an almost invisible join. Panels interlock to create a flush fit finish for walls and ceilings. This allows the work to be completed in half the time of tiling and does not require grouting. The panels can be cut horizontally or vertically and require no specialist knowledge to fit.

For a quick and easy solution to a waterproof bathroom, use UPVC Cladding Panels, to achieve terrific results in a just a short while. They are also easy to clean and manage; these attractive panels will leave your bathroom feeling light and spacious.

There also have many other uses from a bath panel alternative, to use as ceiling panels or covering any room or ceiling in the house. They are practical, robust and versatile.

Suitability around the home

The panels can be used for covering internal walls or ceilings in any room in the home or commercial space, they are however primarily conceived for wet environments such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens or utililty rooms.

Materials used

Bathroom Cladding and Shower Paneling is made from PVC with a honeycombed construction which has a degree of flexibility. The surface is then finished to give it a style and colour.

Coverage per pack

There are four panels per pack, each panel is 250mm wide, making the total width 1 metre. The panels are 2.4 metres tall and so will fit floor to ceiling in most modern houses. This makes working out the quantity requirement a simple affair.

Flush fitting

The panels interlock together and so form one smooth seamless finish. If required channel infill’s can be fitted in between the panels at the desired spacing, to create a different look.

Water resistance

Bathroom Cladding panels are entirely waterproof, and the joints are designed to be watertight, but for areas such as power showers a small bead of sealant between the tongue and groove is recommended during installation.

Fixing methods on walls and existing tilework

Bathroom Cladding and Shower Paneling is very easy to fit and require no specialist knowledge, and can be easily fitted by the average DIY person. The panels join together using a tongue and groove system, and are fixed on the lip that is concealed when the next panel is fitted. Fitting can be on to existing tiles using a recommended solvent free (and not water based) glue, as long as the tiles are relatively flat and not likely to break away. Alternatively battens can be fitted. Fixing can be with screws, panel pins, staples, or glue. When fixing over existing tiles you should consider how this thickness will affect any bathroom fittings such as taps, handles valves etc. Panels normally run vertically from ceiling to floor. A variety of corner trims are also available for around windows and finishing trims for the end of walls and ceiling. The panels can also be bent around internal and external corners if the installation guide instructions are followed.

Cost comparison against tiles

The cost of Shower Paneling is around £16 – £17 per square metre, and there are cheap tiles that can cost less than this. The overall cost of panels however, is likely to be lower. This is because of a lower cost of installation.

Choice of panel designs

There are a large number of colours to choose from. For fast delivery we stock three of the most popular colours, Cool White, Warm White and Diamond Black. Showing colours on a website cannot be compared to seeing a sample.

Cleaning of panels

No special cleaning is required. Warm soapy water is all that is needed, any general purpose non-abrasive cleaner is okay. Do not use solvent based products on panels.

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