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Rule number one of bathroom planning – don’t forget the little details! As every interior designer knows, no matter how beautiful your bath, how sturdy your sanitaryware, if you skimp on taps and fittings then the whole carefully nuanced visual structure of your bathroom can come tumbling in on itself.

That’s why bathroom taps – mixers, single taps or monos – can really become your bathrooms crowning glory. For this reason, it’s advisable to give some careful thought to which bathroom taps you need to make your bathroom just that little bit more special.

There are two main types of bathroom taps – mixers and single taps. Both types can be used to achieve a multitude of modern and traditional effects, but single taps tend to be the more understated bathroom taps. Mixers, on the other hand, range in style from classic elegance to modern designs with a lot of visual impact. When it comes to bathroom taps, mixers installed on your bath, cascading hot, clear water down into your bathtub – there’s really nothing quite like it for that ‘perfect bathroom’ feeling.

Of course, you’ve got to keep in mind how your taps will compliment your bathroom’s carefully crafted decor. Thankfully, you won’t have trouble finding that perfect match because our range includes a vast and versatile selection of modern and traditional bathroom taps. Mixers such as the Churchmans Bath Shower mixer from Sagittarius are perfect for achieving a sense of Victorian grandeur. For a more modern look, try Sagittarius’ Evolution range, which effortlessly redefines ‘industrial’ as ‘sleek, modern elegance’ – these taps would look great in any contemporary bathroom.

This is just a small selection of the taps on offer, however - just have a look below at our complete selection of bathroom taps. Mixers, single taps, bath fillers; we supply taps for almost any conceivable application. And with quality taps from manufacturers such as Sagittarius, Roper Rhodes and Mayfair, you’re guaranteed a sturdy, reliable and attractive product – at extremely attractive MBD Bathrooms prices!

Bathroom Taps | Mixers & Single Taps
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