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We supply the full range of Manhattan Shower Enclosures, including the New Era, M6 and M8 ranges. Whether you have a modern spacious bathroom, or a small cosy bathroom, we have a Manhattan shower enclosure that is right for you. From ultra contemporary walk-in showers to space-saving corner showers, take a look and find your perfect Manhattan shower enclosure.

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Manhattan Showers

Since 1991, Manhattan has committed its expertise in technology and craftsmanship to provide showers of the highest calibre.

With a dedication to providing superb functionality and elegant design, it has established itself as the UK’s foremost manufacturer of showers and shower products through its meticulous attention to detail and flawless quality.

Using the highest quality materials, Manhattan showers are built to last and offer an exceptional choice of styles and enclosures throughout their range.
A long established, well reputed supplier of high quality solutions for the shower, Manhattan showers can provide you with a stylish and practical shower solution, whatever the size or style of your bathroom. Whether it is an ultra-modern wet room or a practical and busy family bathroom – Manhattan Showers can provide a solution.


Hard work and harsh chemicals are no longer needed to keep your shower sparkling clean as all Manhattan showers are protected by the innovative ‘Manhattan EasiClean Glass Protective Shield.’
EasiClean acts as a barrier to oils, dirt and grime, preventing the build-up of unwanted contaminants on the glass surface which so often ruin the appearance of showers.
The unique protection provided by EasiClean is applied to all Manhattan showers at the point of manufacture, at no extra cost, eliminating the need to waste time, money and hard work on keeping your shower clean.
The Manhattan Range : Design – Style – Choice

Our range of Manhattan shower enclosures and shower screens is wide and impressive. The range offers a wide variety of intelligent, modern designs built to last through superior craftsmanship and an unrivalled commitment to quality. Whether you’re looking for quadrant or offset quadrant shower enclosures, sliding shower enclosures, folding shower doors, hinged shower doors or walk-in shower enclosures, Manhattan showers boasts a mix of styles, sizes and shapes ensuring that whatever your requirements for style and space Manhattan can offer an ideal solution, sure to exceed expectations.

Lifetime Guarantee & Support

Manhattan Showers confidence in their own craftsmanship and durability is such that every enclosure comes with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and ongoing support from a highly trusted manufacturer in the industry.

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