Wooden Shower Trays

There is a common mistaken belief that wood is a bad choice of material for use in wet areas, but that depends on the type of wood that you use. At Midland bathroom Distributors, our wooden shower tray uses the best timber, from the African Iroko tree. With a naturally oily surface, it is tight and antiseptic, making it ideal for maintaining a watertight and antiseptic surface. For something completely different to show the neighbours, try a wooden shower tray from MBD.

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Timber products such as shower trees are warm to the touch and great for insulating heat allowing you to step into your shower on a cold morning and feel warmth beneath your feet. All our products are sourced exclusively from high quality, trusted manufacturers so you can be sure that your shower is built to last. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us at 0121 603 8232.

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