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Loos, potties, lavs – whatever you call them, toilets are as much a fixture in our homes as any other household appliance. We spend a lot of time deciding on the make and model of our ovens, microwaves and washing machines for kitchens, so why not attach the same importance to choosing toilets for bathrooms? After all, toilets are amongst the most used appliances in the house – you should choose sturdy, aesthetically complimentary toilets for bathrooms that need to last for as long you are living in your house.

This is rule number one of bathroom planning: Don’t ignore the details - invest in quality toilets for bathrooms that won’t give you (or your wallet) any trouble in the future!

Of course, you’ll want to find the best possible deal when shopping for toilets; for bathrooms on a budget, MBD Bathrooms can offer a distinguished range of toilets by Impulse at unbeatable online prices. Their range includes toilets for bathrooms of any size, shape, and style of decor – traditional-style toilets for bathrooms with a classic, elegant look; sleek, contemporary toilets for modern bathrooms; corner toilets and short projection toilets for bathrooms that have limited space – the list goes on.

Impulse is a Birmingham-based company whose products are fast becoming known for their quality and value-for-money. Their sinks and toilets for bathrooms are manufactured from the highest grade vitreous china, using the best quality clay, silica and glazing, and their factory is certified to ISO 9001:2008. You can be sure that an Impulse toilet will sit proudly in your bathroom for many years to come – because Impulse makes toilets for bathrooms that last.

You won’t find anywhere cheaper for Impulse toilets than MBD Bathrooms; take a look at their range below for some of our bathroom bargains. Still undecided? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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Hadrian Low Level Pan & Lever Cistern

List Price: £455.00

You save £190.00
Price: £265.00
Product ID IMPCL10
Cleo Toilet WC

Cleo W/C

List Price: £120.00

You save £53.00
Price: £67.00
Product ID IMPCLPC20
Clarence Toilet WC

Clarence WC

List Price: £369.00

You save £175.00
Price: £194.00
Product ID IMPTCWC10
Tribune Space Saving Corner Toilet WC

List Price: £281.00

You save £128.00
Price: £153.00
Impulse Odessa MK2 Toilet Seat
1 of 5

List Price: £135.00

You save £36.00
Price: £99.00
Tribune Short Projection Toilet WC

List Price: £215.00

You save £27.00
Price: £188.00
Product ID 211510
Zeto Short Projection Toilet & Corner Cistern

List Price: £442.00

You save £215.00
Price: £227.00
Product ID 250342
Genevieve C/C Toilet - Push Button Dual Flush

List Price: £289.00

You save £140.00
Price: £149.00
Product ID 250362
Hadrian Low Level Pan & 6/3 Dual Flush

List Price: £294.00

You save £73.00
Price: £221.00

If you require any further information regarding our range of Impulse toilets, corner toilets or space-saving toilets please contact us directly and we will do our best to help you.

The Toilet – A Little More Information on the Best Seat in the House.

Bathrooms are not only for bathing, toilets are a huge part of the modern bathroom. At MBD Bathrooms we carry a huge range of beautiful and practical toilets, but if you look back in time, you can see that the humble toilet has a long and interesting history.

Ever since the beginning of mankind, there has been a need for some form of waste disposal. Prior to the introduction of modern flush toilets, most human waste disposal took place outdoors. However, civilisations from as early as the third millennium B.C. were using sewers and toilets of a relatively modern nature, and Mohenjo-Daro circa 2800 B.C. had some of the most advanced, with toilets integrated into the outer walls of houses.


Roman Toilets

The Ancient Romans were very aware of the need for a sewage system and they built an impressive system of sewers. Although supported by this relatively sophisticated sewage system, Roman toilets themselves were fairly basic. Mostly, they consisted of a long wooden bench with holes in it, which was shared by the community.

The Evolution of the Modern Toilet

Today, we are lucky to have an efficient system of sewers complemented by comfortable and effective flushing toilets to dispose of all our waste. However, the flushing toilet has been around in some form for a lot longer than people may first think. In the late 1500s, a primitive form of the flushable toilet was designed by Queen Elizabeth I’s godson, John Harington – although it was not accepted for mass use and as such was purely a novelty. It wasn’t until the late nineteenth century, after being worked on by several inventors, that the design for the flushing toilet was perfected, enabling newly-built houses to enjoy an integral toilet.

Once the design was finalised, people could have access to effective and sanitary waste disposal in their own homes. This was a major breakthrough and a huge milestone in the development of the bathroom as a whole.

Today, no house in the modern world is without a toilet. Many have several bathrooms and some even have one for each bedroom in the house! There are many toilet styles to choose from and many types of bath, shower and basin with which to create the perfect bathroom. Here at MBD Bathrooms we have a huge selection of bathroom products to suit all tastes, take a look and see for yourself!


The Toilet, Aka...

During the lifetime of the toilet, it has attracted many different names. One of the most common names, and probably the most polite, is the lavatory. Thought to be derived from the Latin lavātōrium, which in turn comes from the Latin word lavō ("I wash"), this word is an acceptable way to refer to the most private seat in the house.  Other, less formal names for the toilet include loo, dunny, khazi and privy.

Small Toilets

When space is sparse, it is vital to make the best of what you have, without scrimping on style or taste. Here at MBD Bathrooms we have a great range of small toilets. Space saving toilets can be a great and largely unnoticeable way to cut down on space wastage, giving your bathroom a more spacious feel. Both Zeto and Tribune provide neat and compact short projection toilets and corner cisterns, which means that with the right planning and the right products, a small bathroom can be just as practical and pleasing to the eye as a large one.


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