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PVCu wall panelling (bathroom cladding) is an ingenious alternative to the mess and labour that comes with tiling. Attractive, durable and 100% waterproof, we recommend our wall paneling for bathroom use as it is a quick and easy-to-install solution to bathroom waterproofing problems – though it can be used in other wet areas such as the kitchen, children’s play areas or indeed anywhere else in the house.

Here are just some of the reasons to say goodbye to tiles and choose (to mention just some of the names for this product) wall panelling, bathroom cladding, shower panels etc.:


Wall Paneling – for bathroom convenience.

Our PVCu wall panelling eliminates the need for messy grouting, and as installation can be completed in a matter of hours they can save you time and money. Slotting together in a similar manner to laminate flooring, you only need to measure the area that needs to be covered, and then cut the appropriate length of wall panelling; bathroom walls have never been this easy! You can even lay wall paneling directly onto existing tiles or brickwork, providing that they are secure.

Wall Panelling Bathroom - Diamond Black Stone Wall Paneling for Bathroom - Diamond Sand Stone Wall Panelling Bathroom - Pastel Grey Marble Wall Paneling for Bathroom - White Wood Gloss Wall Panelling Bathroom - Pergamon Marble Gloss


Wall Paneling – for bathroom hygiene.

Because they are completely non-porous and water-resistant, our bathroom wall panels are a much more hygienic option than traditional tiles. The tight join between panels ensures that there is no space for moisture to become trapped and turn to mould, leaving you with clean, germ-free bathroom wall panelling. Bathroom cleaning is also made easier with PVCu panels as it only takes warm, soapy water to have them looking sparklingly new.

Wall Paneling for Bathroom - Soft Grey Marble Wall Paneling Bathroom - Ceramic Grey Wall Paneling for Bathroom - Marmo Amarelo Wall Panelling Bathroom - Forestline Arizona Wall Paneling for Bathroom - Carrara Colorado


Wall paneling - for bathroom beauty.

The real beauty of PVCu wall panelling is the sheer adaptability of this innovative bathroom application. Because you can print directly onto wall panelling, bathroom decor schemes can be modified in a matter of hours. From realistic marble and wood effect panels, to wall panelling that resembles tiling in every respect (apart from the bad points!) bathroom wall panelling is suitable for any bathroom – or any kitchen, utility room or ensuite for that matter!

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